Charge Up Into The Future

We design, plan and coordinate the installation of Electric Vehicle Chargers.

What do we do?

We handle the whole process from start to finish because Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging can be a complicated process, so we take the stress out of getting EV Chargers installed.

Types Of EV Chargers

First we will setup a meeting to see what type of EV Chargers you need.

Level 2 Chargers Tesla (NACS) or J-1772 or faster Level 3 Charging with NACS or CCS.

Location & Power

We check the location you want the chargers installed to make sure you have enough power in your building to handle the EV chargers as well as to give you the cost of the chargers installation.

EV Hardware

We will make sure you have the correct EV chargers for you business from the amount of amps (20, 40 or 80 Amps) to the connectors on the chargers.


We will work with you to coordinate the installation of your EV chargers to have the smallest impact on your business.


We will send your business the forms for State and/or Federal rebates for installing EV Chargers. Many times these rebates can cover 50-100% of the cost to have the EV Chargers installed.

As well as documentation on how to get your chargers listed on EV Charging Apps to help drive customers to your business to charge their EV.


We will show you how to use the EV Chargers as well as how to access the data from your EV chargers to know how much you are making (In the case that your charging for EV charging) or how much you are spending. ( In the case that your a Hotel or Apartment)

How will my business benefit?

Businesses of all kinds from Landlords, Commercial Property Companies, offices, hotels, Airbnbs, apartments, condos, restaurants, and more can take advantage of the benefits of providing EV charging.

Attract Employee Talent

Most EV's have a range of 250 Miles or more. While some talent may live further away from the city, Having EV Chargers at your business would allow these employees to charge their cars while they are working. Giving the business the benefit of having better employees and allow the employee to get a full charge before heading home in traffic.

Increased Income

EV charging stations can be a source of income for many businesses.

Depending on usage, the chargers may generate income for your business as customers pay to charge their car.

In the event you are a Hotel, Apartment or Parking Garage owner, You would generate more income by having EV Owners select your location due to the ability to charge their EV.

Increase Foot Traffic

EV drivers generally do not sit in their cars while the car is charging. While Level 2 Charging can take 6-8 Hours, Level 3 EV Charging is much faster and only takes 20-40 minutes to get a full charge. (Depending on your car/Charger)

With Level 2 or Level 3 EV Chargers, it will generates more foot traffic and income for your business or your business clients if you are a landlord or Commercial Property Owner.

What about residential EV Charging?

If you have or plan to buy an EV, the best and cheapest way to charge your EV is at home.

Level 3 Chargers like Tesla Superchargers, EVGo and Electrify America are made for road trips.

Excessive use of these type of Fast Chargers can also shorten the life span of your EV Battery.

Level 3 Chargers can cost $10-$40 per charge. (Depending on your EV Battery size and the location your charging at) and for a full month, you may charge 2 or more times per week depending on your driving habits.

While charging your EV at home can cost as little as $7 PER MONTH, for the whole month. (Again, depending on your location)

This depends on the cost of power at your home. With Georgia Power's EV Plan for example, they currently offer 1 Cent per kWh from 11PM till 7AM. A Tesla Model 3 with a 75 kWh Battery would cost 75 Cents to go from 0% to 100%, but normally you will only be charging from 30-40% to 80-100%.

At home you have many options from a dedicated EV Charger to an NEMA 14-50 Outlet.

The choice is yours but in the end, you will save a lot more money by charging your EV at home.

While the work is not as hard, we will help you get an EV Charger installed at your house if you need. Reach out to us for more info.

Contact us

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